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  • A trip to Cincinnati, April 2013 : awesome !







    Exchange with the USA



              It’s been a week since I was here and I don’t have regrets. Being here is so cool. I was afraid because of the changes but my host family was really nice and welcoming. We spent time all together and it was always really good moments.


              The school is very different here. First, it’s huge compared to St Do and students have more freedom. They can eat and drink in class; they can just leave and come back when they want it. I’m not sure it’s a good way to learn things but it’s impressive when you see it for the first time.

    However, there are also strict teachers who don’t accept that.

    Then, the teacher. I haven’t met a lot of them but they were all very different. As far as I’m concerned I think that the relationships students and teachers are too close. They even have each other’s number and it’s just weird.


              Concerning the city, I think that it’s too big and not really beautiful everywhere. The suburbs are nice, like in movies and Fountain Square was nice too. But I did not see the entire city because my host was living in another town.


              And now, the prom.It was not my favourite thing of the trip but it’s been really impressive. The dance is not really surprising, but the girl’s dresses were amazing and seeing boys wearing tuxedos was something nice too, that changes uniforms. They all look great and the Queen and King Prom were amazing too.


              I will keep a good memory of this trip and of the exchange generally speaking. I think it’s was a great opportunity for us to do that and it was just awesome !


    Borsa Clémentine - TL





    Ten days out of France.

              A trip to America, to live with an American family in the American way of life. It is a strange experience because the customs are different from ours. I've been impressed by the classes which are totally free even if all the students listen and participate while chatting and texting friends. The places we've been to, were just so beautiful, they all amazed me because of the spaces there are in houses, gardens, monuments, churches, buildings, etc. Downtown was really a paradise in comparison with ours, because of the big streets, big shops, and cheap clothes, green spaces everywhere, and skyscrapers. All the people here are welcoming and friendly even if they don't know each other. The only thing I don't like there is that we keep eating anytime, anywhere and not really healthy food. In America the students have sports everyday, it's much better thant the French students who do it once or twice a week only. I would like to live there. I think it is a better place than France and I have always wanted to live in an American State. It was my dream to come here, and thanks to my English teacher I finally could fulfill it. Most Americans believe in God, most of all are believer, and in their SUMMIT school they listen to prayer every morning standing up with their hand on their heart. Moreover they are lucky because they have the possibility to drive at sixteen but I think French are better drivers than Americans. Cincinnati is a good city, not so populated but just enough to be attractive. People there have no prejudices and try to know people before judge them, that's a good impression. When a group of people arrives in a foreign county it is difficult to learn new customs and everyday-expressions that we don't learn at school. But we had no time to live a culture schock, even if we missed our family and country and our customs. "

    Valentine STOPPA  - TL